Our Design Philosophy...

Put simply we believe true luxury is about doing the simple things really, really well. It’s not about following the latest Pinterest trend but instead taking cues from the world of design, interiors, travel, art and fashion to inject a unique personality into each of our events.

Large, ostentatious events have their place but it’s not what we do. We prefer to create more personalised, intimate events that are more reflective of the couple, client or brand.

To deliver this, our approach is often less is more, we steer clear of tired traditions and styling clichés. We can promise you there won’t be a satin chair cover in sight. Instead we’ll work with you to create an elegant, paired back party that allows your guests to have fun and a once in a lifetime experience. Ultimately we want you and your guests to have the best night of your lives in a way that is only possible because it was your celebration.